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Metal Framing 2.jpg



We were excavating a building site and hauling off the extra dirt. We were contracted by another company to get the site ready for building.

SHS Excavating (2).jpg

Self Storage

This is the start of a self storage build out. Grading the first of four new pads, new driveway, parking and infrastructure.


Land Clearing

We will clear your land for your new home or business!

Land Clearing.jpg


We love to build garages! This has been a specialty of ours since the beginning. This one is a two story garage with a huge bonus room above.



This is a garage in Pineville that we built. This beauty was an addition to the house and included the typical garage and workspace PLUS a huge master bedroom, bath, and gym!

Garage Framing and building

Self Storage

Concrete work for pad 3 of 4. The new buildings look sharp with the blue colors!

Self Storage Build Out (2).jpg


We offer material hauling, plus we have fill dirt and topsoil available.


Commercial Framing

Framing of a commercial building.

Facade 5.jpg


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